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Upload Documents

As part of your registration procedure, some documents are necessary in order to verify and secure your account and activity with FTG.

In order to complete the verification, please provide us with the following documentation:

- An official identification document such as your passport, government-issued ID or driving license. 

- A utility bill showing your name, address, and date. The utility bill must not be older than 6 months.

Once your account is funded, please make sure to upload a copy of the payment document or provide us a proof of wire transfer in case you made a wire deposit.

For funding via credit card, please provide a front and back copy of the card used for the deposit. The scans must show the first six (6) and the last four (4) digits, as well as your signature.

Please note that all documents must be in full color and in high resolution, showing all 4 corners of the document. 

Make sure to use the appropriate upload section according to the requested document.